5 Tips to increase the Engagement of your App

5 Tips to increase the Engagement of your App

App ranking are highly affected by the level of engagement the users have with the different apps. The term engagement refers to how much time the users spend using an app. The concept of engagement is of high importance since the app rank increases when the app engagement increases. It is like how you and your friends get closer when you spend more time together. Great amount of people, after downloading some app they don’t keep using it for too long. This means the app rank would step down on its store. However, we are here to prevent this from happening, saving the world from the aliens and telling the untold secrets.

  • Free trails

Give your customers free trails and let them love your app for free. That would make them to spend more time with it. Talk to them during this period to know their suggestions. They will like that and may buy your app at the end of the free trial.

  • Contact your customers

From time to time, send your customers messages asking for their feedback or inviting them to a social society. It can also be a notification of a new update or feature to the app. Show them that you care, and they will care back. However you have to avoid excessive messaging and notifications. An overdose of that behavior would be considered as an annoying spam. You want them to use your app more and not deleting it, right?

  • The love from the first look

The first impression of your app is usually the strongest one. It would tack a long time before this impression changes. Make sure you have designed the app to be friendly enough. Let the app say “I love you” so that the users would love it back from the first look.

  • Say hello

Speaking about the first look can’t pass without speaking about the first thing to say in this majestic meeting. Make sure your app says a nice hello in the first time of use. People appreciate nice apps and their nice developers.

  • Tell new tips

From time to time send the users how they can use shortcuts to fasten their usage for the app. You can also send them tips of how to use features you believe they didn’t use before. By following this method you are making sure the users are spending more time with your app. That will be reflected in the App store rankings