Falling in Love is a Wonderful Experience

Falling in Love is a Wonderful Experience

Love is magic, and falling in love is a wonderful experience. But are you aware of the physical consequences of being in love? On this article, we will talk about how love can turn your body upside down.


Love Raises the Beat of the Heart

Love is closely related to heart images because it increases the beat of the heart. The effect is caused due to the adrenaline rush that occurs when you are close to the people of your affections. The phenomenon has been extensively used, and several studies involving electrocardiograms have given extensive proves this fact.

The full process starts with the adrenal gland. Your brain is in close communication with this gland and tells it to secrete a hormone cocktail, including norepinephrine, epinephrine, and of course, adrenaline, which has a direct effect on your heart beat.


Broken Hearts

Love can be dangerous, but not precisely for being sad. Since the effect of love raises the heart beat significantly, people who have cardiac issues can worsen their situation. Since the heart is beating faster, it needs more resources than regular, including oxygen.

Old people who have circulation problems like blood blockages are at risk. Those of you who have suffered a heart attack should also be careful. There is a risk, but there is a solution too. When people under these medical conditions are properly diagnosed, then medicine to prevent vessel blocking can help. That nullifies the effect of adrenaline in the heart, being safe to fall in love.

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