Purpose of Outsourcing

What is IT outsourcing?

Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s not a simple concept to explain, as it can manifest and all sorts of different ways, but let me try to boil it down in the most simple way possible. Outsourcing is when you hire a third party to accomplish tasks that are part of your company’s responsibilities. That company can be from anywhere. A lot of Outsourcing is domestic, so basically your software needs will be met by a local specialist who has devoted their career to forming and extensive understanding of exactly the type of work that you need to get done. The Outsourcing economy has created all sorts of niche specialists who can serve very specific purposes in an efficient and effective way. However, a lot of software-based Outsourcing goes overseas. That’s because countries like India and China, as well as several nations in Eastern Europe and Africa, have considerably weaker economies than America, but their citizens are exposed to just as much information and Technology As Americans, and the standard of Education that is available to some of these people is equally as high as many North American institutions. So, what this means, is that there are many software specialists in these countries that are just as proficient as many Americans, but they can be had for considerably higher value. And, they can be hired for specific projects for a short amount of time. The relationship can be long or short, it’s up to you, there’s a lot of freedom and flexibility. This is popular in the IT industry and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. There’s no reason for it to go away, as it offers unique abilities to profit. Many have an issue with offshore outsourcing, but it would be difficult to take issue with domestic outsourcing. I take no issue with either.